• 🌴 Let's Reconnect - IBIZA 2022 - WE'RE COMING 🌴

The best Incentive all your employees where dreaming about - with the coolest After Movie they keep talking about.

Burn the memories of this big event in all of our digital brains. 🎥

Capturing the best events is our passion.

As an agency specialized in event video and photo we know what and how to film.

But lets not talk about it, have a look.

Here you'll find some of our latest productions

Lets talk about the facts

This is what you get

Exclusive Aftermovie

All the events captured in all the glory. Smiling faces, every detail, Music, Action, Talks, ...you name it.

Everything in nice pictures and dynamic movies.

Fast Delivery

Are you sick of waiting weeks for your content to be delivered? Tired of sacrificing quality for speed? We have the solution for you. Our content is the highest quality with fast delivery- so you can have your cake and eat it too.

We know the island

Imagine booking content creator from anywhere, flying them in to capture the event and they miss the shots because they don't know who to get around. We know the spots and ways to go there.

We've prepared three different offers with different scope of services.

  • Full is with the full team of content creators so we can really get EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE on it and do the
    most comprehensive production. This way we make absolutely sure that nothing is forgotten and we have the
    best selection. Also included is the Same Day Edit.
  • For the middle version, we cut out one Creator on Thursday and one on Friday, and three on Saturday.
    Here I can no longer guarantee from my side that all actions and agenda items will be completely covered.
    Drivers have been booked, but it could be that there will be logistical bottlenecks. 
  • The light version is cut even further and we would try to get by with only one content creator on Thursday and Friday and two on Saturday.
    In this scenario, we have to assume that it will not be possible to include all the specials in the film.