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What's the Status Quo?

Review of Recent Content

After reviewing the content from the past few weeks, the team has come to the conclusion that the videos and photos are cool, but not really up-to-date. They are more old-school and boring. The perspectives are not varied and the editing is not very dynamic. There are always shaky shots in the aftermovies that are supposed to be modern, but are not.

Too often, individual guests are shown instead of capturing the vibe. Also, in my opinion, clips with fireworks on vodka bottles do not fit the look and legacy of Space Ibiza at all. It is supposed to embody techno and house, not urban music parties :) (I don't know if this was intended and requested, but I find it inappropriate)

There are often slow-motion clips in the videos that are not smooth. This should also be avoided.

In addition, the music selection in the aftermovies has not been so deep so far, but rather cheesy.

I also think that more and different content should be posted. Live clips, portraits, aftermovies, photos and graphics.

Since the event and the concept space in Eden are completely new, the content pieces must be more appealing and shareable for the younger generation.

Apart from the results in the videos, it must also be said that the lighting programming and production in Eden is perhaps not as well thought out as in other clubs on the island. We also think that there is still room for improvement and that the concept can be further developed.

Ideas for Improvement

Here are our ideas with examples from videos from last year:

  • More variety in perspectives and shots: Instead of always filming from the same angle, use different camera angles and movements to create a more dynamic and interesting viewing experience.
  • Smoother editing: Avoid shaky shots and use smooth transitions between clips.
  • Focus on capturing the vibe: Instead of focusing on individual guests, try to capture the overall atmosphere and energy of the event.
  • Use music that fits the brand: Choose music that is consistent with the techno and house vibe of Space Ibiza.
  • Post more and different types of content: In addition to aftermovies, post live clips, portraits, photos, and graphics.
  • Improve lighting programming and production: Create more elaborate and visually stunning lighting shows.

Overall, we believe that the content needs to be more modern, engaging, and shareable in order to appeal to a younger generation.

Idea #Aftervideos 

More modern aftermovies with dynamic editing and cool music choices. No old-school slow motion and overly vivid colors, but a natural look enhanced with fresh effects. Working with original sound (O-tone) also works very well and makes it more tangible

Idea #Liveclips

Create more atmosphere by posting multiple (slightly or unedited) live clips. This is important for users nowadays because so much is fake. There should be at least one post with live clips every week. It doesn't matter whether it's recorded with a professional camera or an iPhone. Authenticity is key.

Idea  #Personality

Hang out with artists during dinner or the preparty, letting them speak directly to the camera. This way, you’re telling a STORY instead of just showing club footage.

In my examples with DJs Catz N Dogz or Nic Fanciulli/Ushuaia, you can see how this approach brings out way more personality and relatability."

More and better reach through cooler videos.

Check out the views my videos have generated for my clients. When the videos are more engaging, they're shared more with friends. Nowadays, that's key and it leads to even more views and more ticket sales."

Package #1

one time:

📸 Camera Man

🎞️ Aftermovie Reel (15-30sec) incl Music Edit

and/or Portrait DJ

💡 5-10 Live Clips


Package #2


4 x 📸 Camera Man

4 x 🎞️ Aftermovie Reel (15-30sec) incl Music Edit

and/or Portrait DJ

4 x 💡 5-10 Live Clips every Week


Thomas Tay Imoehl
Video und Musik Producer, DJ



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